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SnowDogWax mission is WAX... that thin layer between you and your passion.  The difference that makes all the difference. 

Wax assures your time on the slopes will be memorable and well worth the investment you have made in lift tickets, ski equipment, time, and energy. SnowDogWaxes are all hydrocarbon waxes NOW with "™SlipFusion"  that guarantee you feelings of speed, relaxation, control, confidence, and skill. Keeping you on the mountain longer with far less effort. 

 SnowDog "All Tempo Two 2.5oz Bars 142g                 


  Best At -4º F 35º F 

SnowDog "All Temperature" with "™SlipFusion"   is a wax of exceptional value. This wax repels all competition and minimizes traffic as you GoDogGo. It's  a  wax that will outperform many  ski and snowboard waxes costing twice as much.  


GoodDogMoly Wax Two 2.5oz Bars 142g                


Best At -4º F 35º F 

SnowDog  "All Temperature + Moly" glide wax is designed for  speed and simplicity.    Formulated specifically for  man made snow,  old snow,  and icy conditions that result in extra friction which  slows you down. SnowDog All Temperature + Moly with molybdenum and "™SlipFusion"   lubricating qualities  will help control and minimize these conditions and make you GoDogGo…